Thursday, September 2, 2010

Office Renovations ... Finally Complete!

Our head office loo needed an update.

Just like the rest of the world, even high fashion offices sometimes get out of date.  After years of saturated purple (pretty at the time), we suddenly realized our restroom needed a glam make-over -- and here it is.  We thought you might like a peek. It's all glitz and glam circa the Humphry Bogart era.

We kept the cabinets.  Still in good condition and in classic white, they hide a multitude of necessities.

A great find, the black Venetian glass mirror is glamorous and immense.  Every room needs one statement piece and for our loo, this is it.  An extra-large mirror makes the room appear extra-large as well.  Besides, in this office, we not only want to smell good, we love looking good too.

The sconces on each side really help when refreshing make-up at night. (Often we have to rush out to late-night dinner meetings or events directly after work, so we have to do some heavy-duty touch ups when it's been a long day.) Placing them on either side avoids "hag lighting" from a light above.  Light coming from above often emphasizes every line, nook, and sag even when there is little originally.  Very ego-deflating.  Not what you need before making a presentation or attending a beauty event.

The walls are painted in a calming, dreamy powder tourquoise (Michel Germain's personal pick) Benjamin Moore's Wedgewood Gray (HC-146).  Accessories are in silver.

The final touch: why, our fragrances of course.  No one in the perfume industry walks around without one on ... we'd feel naked.  Not exactly the way we want to envision ourselves when we're trying to get some work done.

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