Monday, March 21, 2011

Sexy Flirt Moves To Do With Your Guy: More Flirting Moves No Man Can Resist

Back by popular demand is our list of more sexy, flirting moves that no man can resist.  Use them to release your inner bombshell so you can have flirty, seductive fun with the man you love, or to entice that unbelievably sexy hunk you bump into on your next night out with girlfriends.

1.  When you see him looking at you, lean seductively forward, giving him a sexy view of your feminine cleavage.  Stare deeply into his eyes as you do so.  Once you know he's hooked, break your gaze and sit up straight again.

2.  When you are conversing with Mr. Gorgeous, touch him where you dare.  Start with the small of his back, his shoulder, his leg.  The closer to his manliness you go, the more electrifying your touch will be, the clearer and more arousing the message.  The choice is yours.

3.  Show off your body in a super-seductive way.  Tell him you have been working out and have noticed you are getting more toned.  Show him your calf, your shoulder or your abs as you caress them with your hand.  He will instantly be planning out his most seductive move to make you his.

4.  Hold his hand in yours, smile, and bring it up to your lips.  Caress his hand with your warm lips.  Slowly open your mouth and softly suck on his fingers one by one.  Watch his eyes as you take your time seducing him.  He's yours.

5.  Pretend the room is a little louder than it is and move in closer to him so you can talk in his ear.  As you do so, breath warmly into his ear.  He'll melt.

6.  Tell him you are wearing a new fragrance and want his opinion.  Lean in closely, showing him you neck and inviting him to inhale.  (Needless to say, this flirt move is extra-seductive when you tell him you are wearing Sexual.)  He'll be under your spell.

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