Friday, November 15, 2013

5 Easy Ways to Get Mr. Gorgeous To Say, "Hello"


You’re ready for a night out with your single friends.  You’re feeling good.   Your hair flows with body, your fragrance says, “I’m sexyliscious” and your outfit flatters your figure.  But you still wonder what else you could do to attract that hot guy.  Here are some strategies that will lure him in:
When with your friends, avoid standing in a closed circle.  Looking super engrossed in your conversation sends the message “Keep away.  I’m not interested.”  Keep your shoulders opened outwards towards the crowd.  Look at your friends, but don’t forget to occasionally check out the crowd.  These physical signs send the message that you’re okay with being approached and that anyone wishing to start a conversation with you is welcome.
Keep yourself positioned near the center of the room.  You will get more exposure and look like you enjoy being approached and with people.  Standing near the exit gives you exposure to those guys that are leaving.  Those are the guys that won’t take the time to talk to you if their friends are coaxing them to move on to the next party location.
Don’t look super involved with your drink.  You will look nervous and insecure.  Instead, in between drinks, use your hands and relaxed body gestures, when talking to your friend.  It shows you are confident, relaxed, have energy.  In short, it makes you have flirt appeal.
When sitting down, dangle your shoe off your toes, and slowly cross your legs.  These gestures look irresistibly inviting, flirty, and seductive.  You’re also saying: “I’m here to stay for a while.”  And that means he’s going to feel comfortable approaching you because you’re unlikely to leave in a hurry if he heads your way.

Smile, smile, smile.  Smiling is flirty.  It makes you look ultra-friendly.  That means he'll approach you more readily because he will think that even if he is not your type, you will let him down easily.  Smiling also makes him feel like you are safe to start a conversation with, because even if he stumbles, you would be happy to pick up where he left off.

We know that you want to smell beautiful, feel beautiful, and be ultra-seductive without even trying.  You also want Mr. Gorgeous to look your way, get closer to you, and open a conversation with you.  So we're giving you valuable tips to do just that.  If you are looking for advice on dating and finding your perfect guy, click here to join our Sexual Perfume facebook fanpage. We offer more free tips and advice and would love to include you in the conversation. Follow us on Pinterest here.  If you are looking for one sexy perfume that will leave him weak in the knees and wanting more of delectable, irresistible you -- yes, they even have sexy aphrodisiacs -- check out our website .  We're so excited to see you there! 

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