Friday, February 25, 2011

The Best Places to Meet Sexy Men

You know you are a great catch, but sometimes it's hard to find places to meet great, sexy men.  Besides the old stand-bys like bars and restaurants, finding places where men congregate can be a challenge.  Well, relax and breathe a sigh of relief, because we have done our research to let you know exactly where to find your next date.

1.  Take a spin class at your local gym.  Our sources say next to weight lifting and the treadmill, sexy guys swear by spinning classes to keep them in shape.  The class gives them a great workout without threatening their masculinity.  (Many guys still shy away from some workouts such as yoga and aerobics.)  So, even though you may love Pilates and your dance workout class, mix in a spinning class or two a week.  You may like what you see as you peer over your handle bars.

2.  Stop in to check out the merchandise at the computer store.  Computers aren't for geeks anymore.  Computer shopping is a great way to  meet and strike up a conversation with that hottie next to you.  Asking his recommendation, or his take on the latest gadget, is an opportunity just begging to happen.  
If the studly "Mr. Fix It" sexy guy is more your type, try walking down the electrical aisle in a busy home improvement store.  These stores are teaming with men who jump at the opportunity to help a damsel in distress (to them, that is any woman who needs to tap into their vast knowledge of anything to do with construction or renovations).
Our company mascot, Lion (right), introduces me to everyone he can.

Lion. Like most dogs, he is a social butterfly.
3.  Dog parks are one of our favorite spots to meet some of the best guys around.  If he takes the time to walk and give his dog the attention it deserves, he is likely to have a soft, warm heart.  What woman doesn't want that in a man?  If you don't have a dog, borrow one.  Better yet, volunteer as a dog walker at an animal shelter.
Dogs are natural born matchmakers, often getting their leashes wrapped around other dogs and their owners.  If it's an off-leash park, your pooch will make a bee line for others while you follow.  Once he picks a playmate with a dog who is owned by Mr. Gorgeous, you're in.  Start talking.  You can thank your dog with an extra treat or tummy rub once you get home.

4.  Take a class, any class, on a topic that is testosterone infused.  Some ideas?  Car maintenance or repair classes.  Karate.  Wine or scotch tasting classes.  My girlfriend met one of her boyfriends at a masonry class. (I never knew she liked rocks so much, but once I saw her new boyfriend's bulging muscles, I could see rocks really weren't all that boring.)  You get the idea.  You will learn something, and get exposed to men who share a common interest with you.  Now that is smart thinking.
Now, roll up your sleeves, get out there, and start the next chapter of your dating adventures.  Great men are just waiting to meet you.  They just don't know where you are, so it's time to show them you are right where they have been all along.

We know that you want to smell beautiful, feel beautiful, and be ultra-seductive without even trying.  You also want Mr. Gorgeous to look your way, get closer to you, and open a conversation with you.  So we're giving you valuable tips to do just that.  If you are looking for advice on dating and finding your perfect guy, click here to join our Sexual Perfume facebook fanpage. We offer more free tips and advice and would love to include you in the conversation. Follow us on Pinterest here.  If you are looking for one sexy perfume that will leave him weak in the knees and wanting more of delectable, irresistible you -- yes, they even have sexy aphrodisiacs -- check out our website .  We're so excited to see you there! 

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