Monday, September 12, 2011

Decode His Body Language: Is He Flirting With You? Four Signs That Definitely Say He Is Flirting.

Is He Flirting With You?  Decode His Body Language

Studies say that more than half of our one-on-one communication is not in what we say, but is communicated through our body language.  Trouble is when we are flirting we are so busy trying to make a good impression, we sometimes we forget to pick up on what our flirt target is saying to us.  Reading subtle body language can help us know whether to back off and take things a little more slowly or plough full steam ahead.  It's a valuable gauge.  Read on to find out how to read his body language and tip the odds a little more in your favor.

1.  He claims part of your territory.  Men are programmed to be territorial and it shows when they are flirting.  If you are standing, he'll stand closer.  If you are sitting at a table, he'll lean in closer or put his things nearer to you.  Start looking to see if he is placing his drink, cell phone, hand, e.t.c. closer to you.  

2.  His eyes move around your face ... and more.  If he is talking to you as a friend, co-worker, or someone he doesn't have a love-interest in, he'll keep his gaze moving from eye to eye.  But if he's got the hots for you, he'll let his eyes roam.  His eyes will explore your mouth, hair, neck, and the oh-so-obvious cleavage area.  He may look casual while doing it, but he's really thinking about how electrifying it would be like to touch you on these areas.  Perfect.  (Warning:  If he's only darting to your cleavage once during a conversation while sticking to your eyes the rest of the time, that's not revealing his inner love for you.  He's just being a curious male.)

3.  He lends you a piece of his property.  If he lends you a cellphone so you can make a call, a coat or hoodie because you're cold, he is starting to stake a claim on you.

4.  He mirrors your moves.  Mirroring is a classic flirt move.  If he moves in the same way as you:  laughing at the same time; crossing legs; leaning in closer; or leaning on one elbow, he is (often unconciously) making an effort to show he is similar in mannerisms and may have some other things in common with you.  He won't look like a robot, replicating every move you make.  He will make a few moves over the course of a conversation, however, so be on the look out.

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