Thursday, September 15, 2011

This past weekend, Michel and I had a chance to kick back our heels,  relax, and drink in one of the last days of summer.  We decided to go sailing.

We love to sail and do it as often as time permits.  The sound of the quiet lapping of the water as it skims past our boat and the gentle rustling sound of the sails as they unfurl is comforting and calming.  It's always a welcome respite when we need renewed energy.
Sails are always so impressive as they unfurl.

One of the best things to do off of a boat is to go swimming.  Spontaneously jumping into the clear blue (sometimes icy cold) water is so liberating, it never fails to bring out the child-like fun that's buried in everyone of us.  Diving as deeply as we dare, seeing who can splash the most water at each other while laughing and trying to escape (I always lose at this challenge since I laugh too much and breath too little), and floating calmly on your back without hearing a sound are privileges we'll always treasure.

For us, boating has always introduced us to great people, some of whom have become great friends.  Often, when sailing, people are usually on vacation from their daily worries and responsibilities, so they are in a great mood and they take the initiative to stop what they are doing, introduce themselves, and chat.

The view off the boat.
As we returned to shore last weekend, we were excited to see one of the best sunset views we have seen this summer.  I took this picture to share with you.  It was a perfect end to a perfect day.  

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