Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Make Your Perfume & Fragrance Last Longer

Sexual Perfume is one of the nicest indulgences you can give yourself.  Spritz and you automatically feel sexier, prettier, and so feminine.  It's confidence and glam in one little bottle.  With its high concentration of natural oils, this gorgeous perfume lasts longer than most.  But what if you still want some extra time to smell and feel glamourous?  How do you make your perfume and the great feelings it gives you, last longer?

Here are my expert tips to make your fragrance last:

1.  Spritz where you naturally feel warm on your skin.  Most women know that their wrists are a great place to start ... but be creative and think outside the box for even more great places to wear your Sexual.  Some of Michel's recommendations:
  • behind your sexy little knees
  • a dab behind your ears
  • inner thighs is an over-the-top sexy location that's warm, warm, warm (perfect!)
  • around your seductive belly button
  • your cleavage, close to the warmth of your heart
  • your inner elbows
  • the small of your feminine back 
Obviously you don't want to wear perfume in all of these locations at once.  Choose two locations at first and find out what works for you.  Switch it up on different days just for fun.

2.  Layer your perfume with its matching body lotion.  The oils and moisture in the body lotion keep the perfume oils from drying out over time.  One caveat:  make sure it's made with the matching scent ... any other lotion will change the scent in your perfume (yes, even "scent-free" body and hand lotions).

3.  Know what type of skin you have.  Perfume lasts longer on women with oily skin, while women with dry skin need more perfume to have the same effect.  If you have oily skin, your natural oils do the same thing as perfume's matching body lotion -- keep your perfume hydrated and emanating its beauty. If you have dry skin, you don't have enough oils to keep your perfume fragrant all day.  

Instead, know that you will have to carry a purse spray and spritz it up once or twice more during your day.  Just make sure  that when you do layer on more perfume, stick to a couple of spritzes.  You still want a soft, even scent.  Plus, remember, the fragrance you put on in the morning is still there, just a little less noticeable.  How do you know you have the perfect amount of fragrance on?  You should be able to smell your perfume in soft, even, occasional whiffs.

4.  Choose a stronger concentration of perfume.  Eau de toilettes are nice (they are great for a summer scent when you only want a light version of your perfume), but to keep your perfume lasting, choose it in eau de parfum or perfume form.  These two versions of fragrance have a higher concentration of perfume oils.  More perfume oil on your skin mean longer lasting perfume.

5.  Keep your fragrance fresh.  Perfume is delicate.  Its natural oils can fade or be changed if it is damaged by heat, sunlight, or age.  Avoid these "fragrance enemies" by keeping your perfume away from heat, sunlight, or age.  And use it often.  Perfume lasts anywhere from one to two years, so, in other words, use it or you will lose it.

If you have your own questions about perfume, how to make perfume last, leave a comment and I will be happy to answer you.  Happy spritzing!

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