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Have a comment about our blog or an article you have read? Want us to answer some of your fragrance questions? (What fragrance suits my personality/lifestyle? How do I pick a fragrance for a gift? How do I make my fragrance last longer? Does fragrance have an expiry date?)  

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We're the fragrance that does the flirting for you.
We're available at , Bloomingdale's, Macy's, and The Bay.  

We're bringing you an insider's look into the world of fragrance, beauty, and fashion. We're also dishing out flirting tips, dating tips, and perfume and cologne tips. Just for good measure, we're adding great lifestyle tips and even a section called "Just for Fun". In it you'll find an ever-changing menagerie. No two articles are the same. Enjoy. (N.B. Men's Blog coming soon.)


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