Monday, October 25, 2010

Sexy Things To Do With Your Guy

Sometimes we take our relationships for granted, even our relationship with that sexy, love of our life.  To keep the spice in a relationship, it takes a little planning but the rewards lead to a better bond in all areas of your partnership.  

Here are some passion-inducing, fun things to do with your guy:

Take a sexy dance class together.  The tango is perfect.  Yes, it hit its peak in popularity in the 1920’s and 1950‘s; but don’t let that scare you away.  It’s the best kept secret.  Our parent’s generation never told us about the tango because they think we’re too innocent to do it.  It’s the dance of passion and nothing is more intimate than rubbing your body up against his.  He’ll have to wait until you get home to act on it, and that will make him all the more passionate.  Yum.
Stay in bed all morning.  Clear your schedule in advance and make a date with your guy.  Read, have breakfast, talk.  You’ll never know what will happen next.
French kiss.  Sometimes we forget to do it in our day to day lives.  When he’s sitting on the couch, crawl into his lap wearing a sexy outfit, and start exploring his lips with yours.  Keep going until you’re locked into the best French kiss you have ever given a guy.  It’s surprising how fast things heat up with this simple kiss.
Put a perfumed love note in his computer bag before he goes to work.  Make sure it’s pink so he’s reminded of how feminine you are and make sure the perfume is sexy.  He’ll be thinking of you every time he smells the scent.  He’ll work extra fast to get back to you extra early.
Plan a massage night.  Only thing is, to get one you have to give one.

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