Thursday, January 27, 2011

Keep the Excitement in Your Relationship

Sometimes we all need a little help to keep our relationship fresh and exciting, even if we have found the love of our life.  Daily routines and other demands on our time keep us running through the treadmill of life.  Before we know it, our relationship may be pushed to the back burner.

If this describes what has happened to your relationship, know that you are not alone.  Even those of us in the best relationships need to keep finding ways to reconnect with our loved ones.  Once you make it a goal to reconnect with your guy/girl, you will find it easier and easier to do every day.  The trick is to get started.  The rewards are immeasurable.

Here are some simple, but powerfully effective ideas to transform and revitalize your relationship.  

1.  Leave a thank you note on her pillow.  Thank her for the delicious dinner she made that evening.  Tell her how much you are looking forward to cuddling with her later.  Tell her how much you loved talking with her over dinner.

2.  Commit to spending time alone.  Ask him out on a date once a week.  Whether that is dinner out at your favorite restaurant; a walk through a nearby park; or a movie night in, the point is to have time alone to refresh your relationship.  Turn off all cell phones and keep the focus on the two of you.  Everyone needs time together without distractions to allow good conversation and other bonding to take place.

3. Go on an adventure.  Do something you have never done before.  Take horseback riding, scuba, or skating lessons.  Go on a balloon ride (they are surprisingly exciting and calming at the same time).  Adventures are the ultimate in bonding experiences.  It gives you a feeling of team spirit; gives you something in common to talk about; and raises your endorphin levels.

Brainstorm a few ideas of your own, then start doing them right away.  Mix it up, so your love life will always remain exciting and your loved-one will never know what to expect next.  It will transform your relationship.

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