Monday, May 23, 2011

The Setai, Fifth Avenue, New York: Back at One of My Favourite Hotels

Michel and I frequently travel to New York and there is no better hotel to stay at than the Setai, Fifth Avenue.  It's our quiet oasis among the bustling personality that is New York's charm. 

Sophia Grosjmann

After visiting  long time friend and fellow perfumer, Sophia Grosjman (that's her sitting at her desk -- a sea of fragrance vials just waiting to be tapped into), we sat back in our room, took off our shoes and enjoyed a long talk over an after dinner espresso and biscotti.  Heaven. 

I'll be back with more flirting tips shortly.  In the meantime, click on the links on the left to read articles about flirting, dating, and more.  : )
Our after dinner espresso & biscotti.  If only I could send one to you.  Mmm.


  1. How wonderful! Living in NY, I hardly ever stay at hotels here!

  2. I'll try to take some more pictures for you next time I'm there! It's beautiful.



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