Monday, June 27, 2011

Planning A Romantic Vacation? Tips to Make it Fun.

Planning a summer trip with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse?  Fantastic!  (4T473SJA23HJ) Vacations can be fun, bonding times for you and your companion.  Sometimes, however, high expectations about the trip and the fun you will have together may actually frustrate you, having the opposite effect.  Here are the keys to avoiding vacation frustrations and making your trip a romantic success:

Take time with your partner to discuss what (s)he wants to do on the vacation.  This step may seem obvious, but neglecting to talk about the obvious is where most of us mess up.  If, for example, you are going on a skiing vacation together, are you planning on skiing the hills together?  If one partner is more skilled than the other, will you both tackle the same hills, with the more experienced one waiting or helping the other?  Or will you go separate ways when skiing, spending time together only after you have experienced the thrill of the slopes on your own?

Don't wear rose-colored glasses when embarking on the vacation.  Know there are going to be some disappointments along the way.  Nothing goes perfectly no matter how well you have planned your vacation.  Sometimes excessive summer heat, stop-and-go traffic, a missed dinner reservation happen.  You have to be prepared for unexpected set backs.  

When they do occur, go with the flow.  Think about how you can turn a positive into a negative.  You're in stop-and-go traffic?  Quiz each other.  It's a great time to find out more about who you are as a couple and as individuals.  Missed your dinner reservation?  Ask if the restaurant will prepare a take out meal for you.  If not, go to the nearest take out restaurant.  Bring it to a local beach, downtown park, or hotel room.  Make it an adventure.

Whatever happens, remember the goal of your trip:  to bond and have fun together.   Do it all with a positive attitude and you will find experience that even the worst disappointment can turn into great bonding fun.


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