Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Attract Men and be a Man Magnet

Looking great isn't all that's involved in attracting Mr. Delicious when you're out on the town.  Approachability is just as, if not more important than anything else.  Use these moves and Mr. Delicious will be walking your way.
1.  Go out with 1-3 girls maximum at a time.  Any more friends in the group than that, and you are definitely going to make it hard for any man to say hello to you.  Large groups can be intimidating, so he's going to have to  summon up the courage to approach you and do it in front of an audience. 

2.  Keep your body turned slightly outwards from your group of friends.  Sounds odd, right?   You're with your friends, so why wouldn't you be turned towards them?  Well ... because your back will be towards any guy that is thinking of coming over to strike up a conversation.  Keeping your back towards others is a sure sign you're into your friends and no one else.  Instead, show him you're open to having him interrupt or join in on your conversation by using this move.   

3.  Smile.  Smile.  Smile.  And then smile some more.  Don't act aloof.  Some girls, in an attempt to appear poised and the opposite of desperate, actually go too far with their body language and facial expression.  They end up looking disinterested, cold, and unsmiling.  That sends the message that you are unfriendly.  Super hot girls are also friendly girls.  They know smiling is the hook that draws in your flirt target.  You don't have to be smiling directly at your target for it to work.  He'll see it no matter where you are ... a pretty smile is hard to resist. 

4.  Give him sultry eye contact.  Yes, it can be an intimidating idea, but if you can perfect this move, he won't refuse your invitation.  Your eyes are your most flirtatious tool and the most effective.  Learn how to use them and you will be just too tempting to ignore.  Want in on a little secret? If it's too hard to look him straight in the eye, try looking just near his eyes - a little above, below, or in between.  (Make sure it's only a little!) He'll never know. 

5.  Be positive.  When he does approach you, keep your talk light-hearted and positive.  No one wants to be around a negative person, so keep the conversation focussed on things you can have a great time talking about with him.  It helps to think of a few topics ahead of time (movies you have recently seen, a funny thing that happened to you today, cities or restaurants you love) so you are not scrambling when you see him coming your way. 

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