Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kiss Him Over And Over And Over Again

Your flirting, relationship, and dating smarts are just about to skyrocket.  Use our tips on your flirt target.  If you are married, do it with your spouse.  (S)he'll love you for it:

What is there not to love about kissing? No one needs incentive to kiss (it's so seductive and fun) but here are more reasons to kiss and kiss more (especially if you are in a long-term relationship).

Kissing for one minute burns about 10-26 calories.  In this day and age of the health and fitness conscious, who doesn't love calorie burning activities.  The calories burned depends on how burning (or how into it) you are when your lips are locked.  The hotter the passion the better.  So go for it.

Kissing makes you live longer.  Yup, that's what you heard.  A simple kiss can add years to your life.  Since 1980, studies have shown that men who kiss their wives every morning average a higher income and longer life span (up to five years longer) than those that don't.  (I am assuming the same holds true for women who are kissed every morning.)

Kissing helps you pick your best mate.  Helen Fisher, a renown anthropologist, states that kissing helps you evaluate prospective mates.  When kissing, your brain is sensing taste, smell, health, reproductive status, and genetic compatibility of your chosen kiss-recipient.  That's a lip-smacking load of information for just one kiss!

Kissing relaxes your body and mind.  Kissing releases oxytocin, the hormone responsible for pair bonding.  It's often called the "hormone of love".  Forget the yoga!  Kiss, kiss, kiss to reduce that stress of everyday life and to bond with your mate.

Kissing releases endorphines.  Endorphines are those sought-after hormones that are responsible for what many term a "runner's high" after strenuous exercise.  They produce a feeling of well-being that is hard to top ... unless, of course, you kiss.  You can get the same "runner's high" by kissing (and that's much more fun than going to a gym). 
Interested in becoming a better kisser?  Read this article.  Try the techniques out tonight.  You'll love them ... and your partner will love you for it.  Life is short.  Make it fun.

What are your kissing tips?  Is your partner worth kissing all over ... and over again?  Why or why not?  How do you make your relationship better?  Comment below or visit www.michelgermain.com and tell me your story.

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