Wednesday, November 9, 2011

5 Character Traits Women Look for in a Man: Dazzle Her with these Secret Tips

I again had the pleasure of sitting around with my stylin' girlfriends this past weekend, drinking spicy red wine (I love a good cabernet-sauvignon with a hint of pepper flavor) and eating delectable hors d'oeuvres.  Nope, no coke and chips for this crowd.  The topic, as often is the case when a mixed group of single and married women get together, eventually centred around men.  This time, my single friends were complaining all the good men were taken.

I asked them what they considered a good man.  When I heard the answers, I thought this private conversation shouldn't be so secret after all.  After all, maybe if more men knew what women wanted from them, they would be able to show these attributes more quickly.  Men could dazzle that special girl right from their first date or even their first meeting.  I'm telling all ... .

1.  A man has to be passionate about something -- about anything.  Who wants to date someone who has no interests, no opinions, no experiences worth sharing?  You may be the cutest, nicest guy on the planet, but if you don't have passion, you won't go beyond a second date with many women.  The fix?  Have a hobby you really enjoy, learn something new that interests you,  think of something adventurous to do and do it.  You will captivate her interest when you talk about your new passions.  She'll want to be around you more because you are one exciting hombre.

2.  A man has to be generous.  Women are, for the most part, caring individuals.  You can tap into their caring instinct by showing that you have this character trait too.  One way to do this is to be generous with others.  It's an instant turn off if a man is stingy with a tip at a restaurant, isn't giving to those in need (think charities), or doesn't offer to pay for the whole date.  Being generous doesn't necessarily come down to money, either.  If you are short on cash, you may be able to give of your time to your local charity, soup kitchen, or a relative or friend in need.  Generosity is sexy.

3.  A man has to be dependable.  If you aren't dependable, you are showing her you don't care.  No one wants to stick around when they are shown they aren't special.  It's easy to be dependable.  Just do what you say you are going to do -- and if you are unsure whether you can keep your word, don't commit to it in the first place.  Be it as small a commitment as picking up her dry cleaning for her or being on time to pick her up for a date, everything counts, so make your promise count.

4.  Be faithful to her.  She knows there are many attractive women out there that may catch your eye (just as there are other men who catch her's), but keep your eyes on her instead.  You are human and you are going to be attracted to other women when you are dating her, but she can't feel special if you are showing interest in other women.  Let her know she is who you want to be with by your faithfulness.  She'll love you for it.

5.  A man has to take care of his appearance.  Keep your wardrobe up to date and in good shape.  Iron your clothes.  Polish your shoes.  Get rid of those socks that keep falling down.  And wear a great cologne.  Nothing charms instantly and more seductively.  A man wearing a fragrance stands out from the rest of the crowd because he has taken that extra step to be sexy, stylish, and well-groomed.  Not sure which one to try?  Find one with a scent you like in it.  If you like basil  (women love wild basil), try Sexual Nights.  If you are looking for an all-around crowd pleaser, Sexual Fresh has gentlemen's lavendar and fresh citrus notes.  Women invest a lot of time in looking and smelling good, so they are going to notice any special effort you make to look good for them.

Now that you know what women want, you can show them you've got it.  Any questions?  I'm ready to answer them.  My girlfriends are hoping I can make this world a better place for them one guy at a time.

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