Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sexual Fleur Perfume Inspiration

I love flowers.
Flowers are beautiful to look at, 
a pleasure to arrange, 
and a little piece of glamour everyone can own.

But most of all, I love their charming scents.
As I sit in my office typing or creating the latest
Sexual Perfume with Michel,
flowers give us inspiration.

We'll often find ourselves lightly
touching the flowers to release even more of their 
mesmerizing perfume.

I am a lucky girl,
as Michel always makes sure to
have bouquets
every day of the week.

I hope you take the time
to give yourself the gift of flowers
and the perfume that they inspire.

Because everyone deserves
a touch of glamour,
including beautiful you.

Stone Gable Blog

Stone Gable Blog

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Sexual Fleur Perfume by Michel Germain

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