Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Michel Germain: An Exclusive Look Inside of His Life

Guatemalan Women Heading to Market

I have been inundatedwith requests to write about Michel Germain, the creator of Sexual perfumes.  I would love to divulge every detail, but alas, he is an extremely private man.    

How do many people describe him? Wonderfully fair, debonair, and kind.  He is just like any other man ... with the addition of some notable characteristics of course.  He has a passion for fragrance, flowers, romance, style, and loves people (just ask his neighbours/friends).

His most notable character trait:  creativity.  He designs and creates not only his fragrances, but everything related to his fragrances, including their packaging.

His approach is hands-on.  For his latest creation, Sexual Sugar, he designed a carton that has real silver crystallized in layers of glass-like lacquer.  It was a labour intensive, 16-step process (unheard of in the fragrance industry).  Now Sexual Sugar has the most sophisticated, prettiest carton worldwide.

His flair for designing fragrances was born when he created Sexual for myself, his wife, Norma.  When we fell in love and married, he realized I rarely wore fragrance.  I would only wear a fragrance that made me feel beautiful and sexy.  I had not found that feeling in a perfume.  He was determined to give me a fragrance that would inspire these feelings. 

As a result, he researched aphrodisiacs and essential oils for years, hoping to create the perfect blend that was both beautiful and sexy.  He says he had some of the best experiences travelling to Italy; Grasse, France; and exotic locations around the world discovering the rare essential oils and aphrodisiacs that make up his fragrances today.  Now every fragrance he blends is overflowing with his signature aphrodisiacs. 

Where did he get this need to create?  Growing up he was, and still is, surrounded by style and talent.  His French Canadian mother was cultured and full of wit, yet loved every one who had a kind heart.  She was a culinary maven and loved to cook for anyone who dropped by (even if unannounced just before a meal -- a testament to her boundless patience).

Germain states that the aromas from her delicious cooking, delectably sweet desserts, and fruit jams still motivate him to create addictive gourmand fragrances or fresh, fruit-inspired blends.

Another one of his realtives is a prolific painter and avid gardener.  Some of her paintings are noted here.  As you can see, her paintings combine her two passions.

Not to be left out, younger members of his family are carrying on the creative tradition.  Featured here is one of their paintings entitled, "The Lake". 

Germain's own creativity came from ... who knows exactly where, but he is loving every minute of expressing it through his art -- creating fragrances.

I am leaving you with a peak at the art some of his family members have painted or owned.  Enjoy.

A painting reminiscent of Vincent van Gogh

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  1. gr8 stuff

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    Thank you for divulging information about the Man behind the fragrance......

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