Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Romantic Valentine's Dates That Will Make Her Yours

You've made it past the first date -- way past.  You took her to the best restaurants, the funniest movies, and every martini bar within the city limits.  Now Valentine's is just around the corner and you are scrambling, wondering what  you can do to that is a little more interesting, a little more fun, and can bond you together in more ways than one.

These three sexy Valentine's dates are bound to wow her and are guaranteed to make sparks fly:

Book a chef.  Track down a gourmet chef in your area that will come to your home and offer to teach the two of you to cook a romantic, scrumptious meal.  This date idea will set you apart from anyone else she has ever dated.  It's fun, it's inventive, and you bet she will never have done it with any other guy.

Source a take-home-chef at one of your favorite restaurants (not every restaurant offers these services, but they may give you a referral); on the internet; or gourmet cooking stores.  

Here are two websites to start your search.  This site will help find a personal chef in your area:  www.personalchef.com  .  This next site will give you an example of what a personal chef can do for you www.thechefinstead.ca .  

Book a day at the spa.  Don't be intimidated ... go for it!  Spas aren't just for women anymore.  Spas offer services for men and couples that are often underused. That makes it perfect because it's another opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd.

What is more romantic than a body-relaxing couple's massage, a long dip in a warm hydrotherapy bath together while sipping on a glass of sparkling champagne?  Top it off with a limousine ride home so you don't have to worry about drinking and driving and you're in heaven.

One of my favorite spa dates?  The "Escape a Deux":  http://www.setaiclubnewyork.com/special-offers/ .  It's pricey, but then again, it's in New York.  Most spas offer similar services without the New York price tag.  

Create your own "Chef and Spa" date:  Cook her a meal at your place.  Pick an easy recipe, practice making it once or twice, and invite her over Valentine's for dinner. 
Ultra-flirtatious & sexy, Sexual Secret's silky oil warms on contact & creates a heated passion.
Top it off with a massage.  It's really not that hard to master.  Sexual Secret Massage Oil ($19 for 100ml) tempts and teases with aphrodisiacs so alluring, she'll melt to your every wish and never let you go.  ( www.michelgermain.com  Look under "body care")  Warm it in the palm of your hands, and start rubbing.  Use slow, relaxing circular motions.  Practice doing this once or twice on your leg, so you gain confidence and skill.

She will love you for the thought and time you have put into making this her special day.  And as far as standing out from the crowd, she would be a fool to let you go after you take her on one of these  Valentine's dates, because 20 more women would be lined up to take her place once the word got out.

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