Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Meet Sexy Men (or What to Say to a Sexy Man When You First Meet)

Sometimes we get tongue-tied at the worst of times.

You're at a party or similar social function and you spy him from across the room:  Mr. Hot.  But instead of confidently marching up to him, knowing exactly what you are going to say when you get there, your feet seem cemented to the ground and you feel the tell-tale sign of the jitters.

Not any longer.

Here are some conversation starters that are natural and naturally sexy.  You decide how sizzling you want be, according to your own personal style.  If you are comfortable being the girl-next-door type, use them in a playfully friendly way.   If you love the idea of being the sexy bombshell, say them while you stare deeply into his eyes.  If you are somewhere in between these two styles, do a bit of both.

Let the conversation begin ... .

When you are at a bar, order two drinks.  Bring him the second one saying the bartender made a mistake on your order and you are giving the extra one to him.  (Just make sure it's a drink that won't make anyone question his manliness.  Bourbon, scotch, and beer are in.  Mimosas and anything mixed -- especially with a peach or pink hue, are out.)  

Pretend to lose a bracelet.  Stand close to your target guy and start looking for your "lost" bracelet.  Most guys are gullible when it comes to a damsel in distress ( I mean this in the most respectful of ways) and will gladly help you out for a couple of minutes.  That is long enough to give you time to show him your beautiful smile, playfully flip your hair, and begin to lay on your charm.

When you are within his earshot, wage a bet with your girlfriend on what men love to do on a first date.  Tell her a few suggestions of your own.  Be as racy, or as subdued, as you want.  (The racier, the better.  You will make his head turn all the faster.)  Ask him to settle the bet.  Once he says which date suggestion he likes the best,  seductively offer to take him on the date. 

Be bold and be honest.  You know you think he is good looking.  Once you pay attention to him, he'll know you think so too.  Why not be confidently daring and say, "You are just too good looking to pass up talking with tonight"?  Most likely he'll be so flattered, he won't be able to wipe the smile off of his face.  He'll be putty in your hands.

Now go for it.  You know you want to.  And remember, life is not a dress rehearsal, so it's time to show Mr. Delectable that you are delectable too.

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