Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Running Shoes are for Kids (and Sports)

Walking through downtown's busy core, I notice that most men realize that for business wear, shoes are important.  They understand that their shoes should be as polished as the rest of their outfit.

Unfortunately, once the weekend hits, off go the stylish shoes and on come the techno-footwear that should only be worn if a person is doing his morning jog to keep fit; he is 7 years' old; or he is a ninja turtle.

Women notice footwear.  Take a look in any woman's closet and you know how much effort she puts into shopping for and choosing shoes that go perfectly with her outfit.  Guaranteed she has upwards of 10 pairs -- and those are just the casual ones.  If she is taking that much effort with her own shoes, a man can be assured she will be noticing his.

Equally important as the style of shoes a man wears, is their condition.  Scuffs, tears, white that has turned grey, and holes, all suggest that the wearer is waiting for his mom to buy him a replacement pair.  Unfortunately, his mom is under the impression she gave up that job years ago.

Washing, wiping, and polishing shoes can lengthen the time a pair of shoes look good, but once regular maintenance can no longer keep a pair looking fresh, it's time to replace them.

Here are two suggestions for casual footwear that are comfortable, yet suitable for a man's (not a boy's) weekend wear.  Both look sexy with a pair of jeans.  The canvas shoes are also cool for the summer and are great with shorts (just remember, no socks please).

Use these examples for inspiration and send us your before and after pictures via our e-mail address (pr at michelgermain.com) or post it directly onto our facebook fan page.

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