Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Get Asked Out on a Second Date with Mr. Hot

Guys aren't really all that unpredictable.  They, like us girls, want to be around people who are exciting, make them feel attractive, and have fun with them.  Here's how to guarantee he'll ask you out for a second date.

1.  Get his number.  I know, it sounds odd.  Why get his number when you want him to ask you out on a second date?  Some guys are shy, even though they put on a good show that first date.  You may have intimidated the sock off of him with your bubbly smile and breath-taking good looks.  It happens.  Give him a quick call after the date, telling him what a great time you had.  What if you read him wrong and he never planned to call you back?  It doesn't matter, you still had a good time and there is nothing wrong in letting him know.  You are a confident woman and that is what confident women do.

2.  Include him in on the conversation.  Don't confuse confidence with sounding self-centered.  If you are going on and on about yourself, he's not going to come back for seconds.  Why would he if he already knows everything about you and you appear to want to know nothing about him?

3.  Leave your cellphone turned off.  People talk endlessly on the phone while their coffee or dinner partners are shuffling nervously in their seats, trying to look busy.  It's common, but that doesn't make it o.k..  There is nothing ruder.  Ditto goes for texting.  If you want a second date, make him feel special on your first.

4.  Don't bring up your old boyfriends.  Nothing makes you look worse than when you complain about an old boyfriend.   Whether he dumped you (it makes you appear undesirable) or you dumped him (it makes you seem cold), you won't score any points here.  Leave out these stories no matter how entertaining (or worse -- tragic) they seem.

5.  Keep smiling on your date.  Make him smile too.  You get caught in traffic and you miss the movie?  Smile and tell him it's perfect -- now you can spend time talking to him (or even better, running your fingers through those gorgeous locks of his).  You trip and fall?  Tell him you did it on purpose, just so you could feel his strong arms help you up.


  1. Definitely keep smiling and keep it fun and light.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Ken. I agree. Everyone wants to date positive, fun people, so there is no benefit to being a downer on any date -- no matter what the circumstances.



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