Monday, May 2, 2011

Traits Women Look for in a Man

Talking with my girlfriends this past weekend, we lounged on comfy, over-stuffed sofas while we sipped on our favourite wines.  Some of them were married, most of them were single, all of them were strong, gorgeous females. As usual, the topic of men came up.  (When doesn't it when you put more than two women and two glasses of wine together?)  I asked just what they look for in a man and this is what they listed:

1.  A Love of Having Fun.   Women love to enjoy life and who better to do it with than the men they are dating or married to? They want their men to be able to join them in a romp of adventure, doing things they normally wouldn't do on their own.  If a man isn't willing to participate in enjoying all that life has to offer, he could be a bore, and no one wants to hang out with a bore (especially through years of marriage - yawn).

2.  Be a Rock.  Don't let her down when she needs support or someone to be a soundboard.  She may not necessarily look to you to solve her problems, but she will need someone to listen to her as she tries to sort out solutions, or just to let her vent.

3.  Be Chivalrous.  No, as much as some guys try to kill it, chivalry is not dead.  Women (at least the ones who are ladies) are still wowed by guys who pull out their chairs at restaurants, open the door for them and insist they go first, and offer to pay for the first date.  Some girls may settle for the knuckle-dragging neanderthal, but not real women.

4.  Be Self-Assured.  Life is tough enough without having to constantly reassure a boyfriend or husband.  We're not talking about supporting a man that is temporarily going through a setback or disappointment. (Couples are supposed to support each other through tough times).  We're talking about being confident enough to set goals and go after them with passion.  In other words, have goals, go after them, and don't be intimidated when she goes after hers.

5.  Love Her Like You Have Never Loved Anyone Before.  O.k., o.k., so we all know we aren't your first, but we want to feel we are your "only".  The only one you wanted to be with both day and night (every day and night).  The only one who was hot and smart.  The only one who kissed you like that.  The only one who made you feel that feeling, the feeling you get from the core of your being that says, "I'm never going to let her go."

As the night went on, and the wine flowed, my girlfriends had more and more revelations as to what turned them on in a man.  But those revelations are for another day ... .

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