Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to Kiss so (S)He'll Want More: Three Easy Steps to Becoming a Sexy, Sought-After Kisser

Want to really electrify her (him) with your kisses?  Bring it to the next level.  Once you amp up your kissing skills, (s)he'll be knocking on your door for more:

1.  Pay Attention to the Kiss.  I mean really pay attention.  Tune into the softness in her (his) lips; feel your partner's body against yours; listen to her (his) almost inaudible moans.  Once you allow yourself to relax and immerse yourself in the wave of signals your partner is sending, you will naturally be more sensual and inviting with your kiss.

2.  Mix it Up.  Gently break away from the kiss to steal little moments of extra passion.  Stare deeply into her (his) eyes before returning to the kiss.  Nibble your partner's lip, bite her (his) neck with different levels of intensity.  (Always make it gentle enough for pleasure.  No one wants a pain in the neck.)

3. Touch with sensuality.  Nothing makes a kiss more sultry than playfully exploring where (s)he'll feel the most pleasure.  I'm not talking about the obvious sexy areas -- I'm talking about being creative, unexpected, and passionate.

Some suggestions:  Gently run your fingers through her (his) hair.  Hold onto it with a soft tug before letting go.  Run your fingers over her (his) scalp in a circular motion.  (It's not as hard as it sounds.  Practice in your own hair.  You will find out how sexy this feels and why it will make you a better kisser.)  Rub her (his) back.  Lightly let your hands travel up and down the spine.  Caress your partner's cheek, chin, and neck as you kiss.

Make your kiss your passionate, sultry trademark and you will leave her (him) yearning for more of sexy, irresistible you.  

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