Monday, June 6, 2011

Facebook, Texting, E-Mail: Great Flirt Tools to Keep, Not Challenge, Fidelity in Your Relationship

Staying faithful and being monogamous can be a challenge in today's society.  Opportunities to hook up with an old flame on facebook; texting a flirty co-worker (even while sitting on the couch with your partner); or sending an e-mail from your office computer, are often so easy, fast, and quiet, no one is denied access to the possibilities.

So if facebook, texting, and e-mails can jeopardize your relationship, why not use them to strengthen your bond?  Now that's fun!

Passion, flirting, and adrenaline rushes are all there for the taking using these tools.


A couple of times a week, send an e-mail telling your partner how much you appreciated something (s)he did or the time that you have together.  Keep it simple.  You don't have to be long-winded or a poet, just be genuine.  It could be as short a message as, "That dinner you made last night was so delicious, my mouth is still watering.  Thanks! XO."  Or, "Thanks for being so sexy.  Yummm."

Flirt and flirt often.  Text her/him saying, "Your hair is too perfect.  Come home and let me mess it up for you."  Send her/him a picture of your bed covered in pink rose petals, surrounded by candles. (Don't leave the candles lit & unattended while you're sending the picture, yikes!).  Tell her/him that the two of you have a date tonight and to clear the evening's schedule.  Make sure to bring home a take-out dinner to make the night complete.  

Whatever your flirting lines are, they will be perfect because they come from you.  

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Just remember, have fun, keep it simple, and you will reap the passionate benefits.   Your partner will thank you over and over again.

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