Sunday, July 24, 2011

5 Ways to Keep Her Interested in You

You have made it beyond that important first date and you have made plans for a second one.  That's great!  But how long will it last, you are wondering.  Is there any way to increase the chances she will keep wanting more of sexy you?  You bet there is:

1.  Keep Your Grooming and Style Standards High.  Oh sure, you would love to kick back, relax, forget the shave and get into something more comfortable the next time you get together.  That is o.k. once in a while ... but not early on in the relationship and even then, keep it to a minimum.  She fell for you, the well-groomed, well-dressed guy that caught her eye.  Don't suddenly change into someone she didn't bargain for when she first met you.

2.  Be Interesting.  Plan dates that are fun, adventurous, entertaining.  Try to be different than all the other dates she has had in the past.  It sounds exhausting, but really it's not that hard.  Give yourself ten minutes to brainstorm some of the best places to go and activities to do.  They don't have to be complicated, pricey ideas, just interesting.  Find out if there are any old-fashioned drive-in theatres in your area and take her there.  Plan a tour of your city, highlighting little-known places and stopping for lunch at a sandwich shop that serves gourmet sandwiches.  Bring her toboganning in the winter; snorkeling in the summer.

3.  Wear a Great Scent.  Men that are stylish, confident, and charming wear a signature scent that makes them stand out from the crowd.  Women love a man that takes that extra step.

4.  Listen to Her.  Men who are great daters and lovers listen to their dates.  Listening to her will make her feel special and shows her you are there to support her.  That is a great aphrodisiac all on its own.

5.  Be Independent.  Keep having your own individual life.  Do the things that you always have loved, be in touch with your buddies regularly, and have a great goals for yourself.  You may feel like being with her every minute of the day, but she really doesn't want you to give up everything you love for her.  She wants you to keep being the interesting guy she was attracted to when she first met you.

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