Friday, July 15, 2011

Lion: Australian Shepherd or Sleeping Shepherd

Today I am wondering if I have an Australian Shepherd or a Sleeping Shepherd.  Aussies are known for their rambunctious, out-going, social behaviour with both canine and human friends alike.  Not ones to take boredom lightly, they will make their own fun if you don't give it to them.

What does that mean for Michel and I?  Taking Lion our for a walk, another walk, one more walk, run, then walk again.  (Obviously we're both in great shape because of this strictly enforced exercise schedule.  Lion won't let us skip a workout.)  And when we are not walking or running with Lion?  He politely requests we teach him more tricks (he runs and grabs his clicker - a popular dog training tool) or play tug with him (he bumps into us while he holds his tug toy in his mouth and looks up at us wantonly).   His requests are too gentle and cute to ignore, so Michel or I will drop what we're doing and grant his request.

Lion taking a day off from being an Aussie.

But today, he is letting us have an unexpected day off.  Every time I pass him,  he is still lying in the kitchen, happily snoozing, only opening one eye to see if I'm going to do an impromptu game of tug of war or hide and seek.

Our sleeping Lion.
Hmm.  Maybe it's pay-back time for Lion.  Yes, I think it's time for a run, don't you?

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  1. Nice story. Love it and your blog.



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