Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pick the Right Fragrance for You and Your Style: Tips on Buying Fragrance

Tips on How to Buy the Perfect Fragrance

Life is an adventure and picking the right fragrance to make the ride more fun and stylish is an adventure all on its own.  Follow these handy tips to help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and life stage.

Girls in their teens love smelling more like a delectable cupcake or sugared lollipop than sophisticated musks.  They tend not to make a style statement with their perfume, wishing instead to fit in with the crowd.  They also want their fragrance to give them a splash of confidence and to feel pretty.  For that reason, they often pick scents with lightly sweetened flowers such as purple wildberries or sugar coated orange zest found in Sexual Sugar, or pink mango found in Sexual Secret.

Twenty-somethings love to wear fragrance to feel more attractive to others.  Women who are in their twenties are in their prime dating fun, and they are looking for a fragrance that will help them attract, and have kisses galore.  She's also looking for a great way to feel as if she is living a high-end lifestyle.  She may not be able to afford a designer handbag or outfit, but she can afford a designer fragrance.  And that's all she needs to feel like she is living like Cinderella with a career, unleashed in New York City, even if she is still living with her parents in small town U.S.A..  Depending on the type of adventure she wants that day, she'll often go for a scent that highlights her gorgeous, youthful beauty like the iced ruby grapefruit and crushed white tea leaves in Sexual Fresh.  Or she may choose to tantalize with a gourmand floral found in Sexual Sugar.  Vanilla creme brulee topped with sensual passion flower in this scent will make any man's mouth water for her.  Add in the aphrodisiacs that is this scent's signature, and he'll never let her go.

In her thirties, a woman wears scent to feel sexy and beautiful.  If she's coupled up, she's looking to keep the romance and fun in her relationship.  She is established in her career, loves her man and wants to keep him entranced with her.  Because she is established in her career, a designer fragrance is the perfect accessory to match both her stilettos and her upscale computer bag.  Scents to wear: look for a fruity floral with warm base notes, such as tonka bean (in Sexual Femme)  or sandalwood and sensual musk (in Sexual Fresh) which are guaranteed to get her (and his) sexy on.

The forties and beyond are a woman's "me" decade.  No longer focussing on pleasing others, she's all about what pleases her, makes her feel great about her life, her looks, and her accomplishments.  Because she is more confident than ever before, she's also at her most adventurous.  She's the whole package and she wants her scent to reflect that.  Women in this exciting stage of life look for exciting fruity orientals such as Sexual Secret that has red mandarin and sophisticated jasmine. Go sultry with woody base notes such as cashmere wood  (also in Sexual Secret) or patchouli found in Sexual Femme

With all that said, remember to keep your life and fragrance adventurous.  If you are forty and love a scent that has lightly sweetened florals, that is the fragrance that will smell great on you.  In your twenties and rockin' sophistication?  Go for that patchouli! Wear the fragrance that makes you feel your best; the notes that make you feel pretty, gorgeous, and sexy.  Because that fragrance is the scent that was made just for you.

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