Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Women Look for in a Man: (Or, to be more exact, What Not to do When Dating a Woman)

Many women are great at reading guys and knowing exactly who he is within the first few dates.  These women seem to have a sixth sense and can decipher your future dating potential by what you say and what you do.  Here's what to avoid if you want a woman to stick around.  (N.B.  These tips work equally well for women who are dating men as well.):

1.  Bad mouthing others:  If you are talking poorly about your co-worker, family, friends, or even the neighbour you just can't stand, she will think you have a negative outlook and love to gossip.  She will also wonder if you will gossip about her in the same mean-spirited way behind her back.  Keep things positive whenever you talk about the people in your life.

2.  Living at your parents' home:  We all love our parents and there is nothing wrong with showing that to others.  In fact, there is everything right with it!  Living with them at an age when you should be able to support yourself, however, could indicate to her that you still depend on them just a little more than you should as a grown man.  If you depend on your parents now, she is thinking, will she be the one supporting you financially in the future? Maybe, she is thinking, you won't be able to reciprocate the favor for her if she needs it.  Not ideal.  She probably won't stick around as this is too heavy a financial burden for most people to bear.  (Living with aging parents who need your help is one exception to this rule.)

3.  Forgoing chivalry:  In the dating world, chivalry is not dead, but it's often forgotten.  Yet, being a gentleman is the surefire way into a woman's heart.  Don't forgo opening the door for her or pulling her chair away from the table so she may sit first.  It may seem old-fashioned in today's society of equality, but on a date a woman really wants to feel like a lady, not a buddy.

4.  Appearing to have a negative outlook:  Don't complain.  Period.  Complaining makes a man look weak and juvenile because he hasn't done anything about the things that bother him.  It also drains her to listen to complaining and makes her feel unhappy too.  That is the opposite of how you want her to feel while with you, right?  As the saying goes, "Don't say anything at all, unless you have something positive to say."  Leave her feeling great after every date she has with you.

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