Tuesday, August 16, 2011

5 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend (or Wife) Feel Sexy

Anything beautiful needs nurturing, and that includes your relationship.  Make it fun.  Make it sexy!

Sometimes when a good relationship has lived for years, it may become weighed down in routines and external demands that drain some of the romance out of it.  Even a great relationship can fall victim to these effects.  You may be in love with your long-time girlfriend or wife, yet not experience those passionate moments as intensely or as often you once did in the beginning of your relationship.

Don't panic.  You can bring that intensity back by making her feel as sexy as you know she is by using these relationship tips.  Once she feels sexy, she's more likely to act sexy.  And that will benefit both her and you.  Here's how to bring the sexy back relationship and marriage:

1.  Show her your appreciation everyday.  No, this doesn't sound like it has anything to do with making her feel sexy, but in reality, it's one of the most powerful things you can do to get the passion back.  Everyone, including your partner, wants to feel appreciated.  She may think you appreciate her, but when she hears you say it, she absolutely knows you do.  She'll love it.  And that's when she'll instinctively want to be closer with you. 

2.  Touch her often (tenderly and without expectations).  Touch doesn't have to only happen during, or as a precursor to, full-blown love making.    Touching her in a caring, "I love just being around you" manner sends her the message that you think she is special to you.  Your touch makes her feel desirable, so the more you do it, the more she'll feel attractive.

3.  Do romantic things for her.  Your romantic efforts shouldn't fade once she moves in with you or once she says, "I do."  If anything, that is the time to kick it up a notch.  She is the one you have chosen to be with and she with you, so spice it up for her (and yourself).  Your relationship is worth it.  Send her love notes in the mail (it's so unexpected and romantic);  make date nights once a week with her; ask her to go for a walk with you;  give her a massage.  When she is being romanced, she'll feel her passionate side stir.

4.  Tell her how great she looks.  Compliment her often.  Tell her what you love about her:   "You are extremely hot tonight", "Your gorgeous rear-end looks great in those jeans", or, "I can't stop looking at your beautiful eyes today" will make her feel (and make her realize) she's Ms. Desirable.  Other suggestions:  "You're cute"; "You are so funny"; "We are great together";  "We really have fun together";  "I love your legs";  "We were meant to be together"; "We were made for each other";  "Wow, you are gorgeous!".  

Go on!  Make her feel sexy.  She'll love you for it! 

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