Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Impress Women on a First Date (or In a Marriage -- Yes You Still Should Be Working Hard to Impress Her Even if You're Married to Her. She'll Love You for It!)

It's complicated being a man these days.  Women want a man to be masculine, yet still show off their soft, emotional side at the appropriate times.  So how do you impress a woman?  Be confident, show you are able to be depended upon to take care of her, and learn the following skills to impress a woman.  (If you already have them, great!  Show them off!):

1.  Be a Mr. Fix It.  True, it doesn't sound very romantic, but it's not just a cliche.  Women are impressed by a man who can fix a car, unclog a drain, replace a broken door handle.  These are skills that, unfortunately in today's society, many women aren't automatically taught, so to have a man who has these skills is ultra-masculine, ultra-sexy to them.  Not sure how to do these things?  Take a course or two to learn them.  It's not rocket science and once you learn them, you'll have them forever.

2.  Know How to Cook a Meal.  Women love a man who can cook them a meal. (If you don't know how to cook, start with simple recipes and try them out once for yourself to make sure you can do it well.  Make the main meal and serve a decadent dessert you've picked up at a local bakery.  Easy!)  Women love to be able to kick back and sip a glass of wine knowing a good meal is coming their way.  It's relaxing.  If they don't have to do anything, they have the added bonus of being able to secretly watch your every move.  What does that mean?  She'll be watching your masculine hands chop that celery and your sexy buns as you move from stove top to counter.  Lucky her!

3.  Dress to Impress.  You want her to keep her eyes on you, so give her something great to look at when you see her.  It's not about wearing expensive clothes, it's about clothes that are up to date, fit you well, are in great condition, and show off your assets.  A great outfit also includes a great fragrance.  It may be invisible, but it will set you apart from the sea of other guys that are trying to get her attention (whether you know it or not).  Nothing says "I'm charming you" and "I'm sexy" more than a clean, masculine scent.  Your hotness factor will be magnified times a hundred.

4.  Be A Skilled Kisser.  Kissing with skill is not necessarily all about mechanics, it's also about timing.  Women loved to be kissed spontaneously.  Fleeting, soft kisses on the nape of her neck, on her cheek, shoulder, or even just on the back of her hand is scrumptiously debonair.  These spontaneous kisses also send her the message:  I love making love to you, but I also just love being around you.  Women are undeniably drawn to both of these romantic messages.  These types of kisses are passion potions.

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