Monday, October 3, 2011

How to Feel Sexy Instantly

Sometimes it's hard to feel sexy when everyday demands of work, family, friends, and other responsibilities take up your time.  Add the fact that maybe we don't see our bodies as perfect in every way, and it's no wonder we allow ourselves to neglect the sexy side that lives in all of us.  Here is part 1 of "How to Feel Sexy Instantly".

1.  Enjoy Your Body.  No one's body is perfect, so why do you expect yours to be?  Take a look at all the good things about you and the body you are lucky to have.  Are you a great swimmer?  Congratulate your body on its swimming expertise.  Do you have skin that always burns and never tans?  Admire it for its milky-white, feminine appearance.  Are your legs a little thicker than the average person's?  Thank them for being strong and getting you where you want to go, when you want to go there.

2.  Give Back to Your Body.  Your body deserves to be pampered for all it does for you.  Treat it to a long bubble bath complete with candles, a good book, and a glass of your favorite wine (or sparkling grape juice or sparkling water with a squeeze of lime).  Other great options:  a relaxing facial; a manicure; or a professional massage (hopefully by some gorgeous masseur).

3.  Exercise.  Yes, surprisingly exercise lets you reconnect with your sexy self.  Exercise releases endorphins making you feel happy, positive, and ready for lovin'.  It also gives your body energy by revitalizing it.  Not sure how to start?  Try simply walking, swimming, or hiking 1/2 hour a day (after you get the go ahead from your doctor, of course).  Schedule it in every day for the next 2 weeks (to start) and you will notice the difference in your sexy mood and sexy self.

4.  Stop comparing yourself to other women.  There is no point in comparing yourself to others.  Everyone has their flaws, many of which you cannot see through a quick, envious look.  Poor health, a roaming husband, financial woes, and other unhappy aspects of a person's life are often hidden from view.  Luckily, you aren't anyone else but you.  Allow yourself to feel thrilled that you are you!

Go ahead, take the steps to feel sexy now.  You've got one sexy bombshell inside of you and she's longing to be rediscovered.  Don't keep her waiting.

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