Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Feel Sexy Instantly: Part 2

Sometimes it's hard to feel sexy when everyday demands of work, family, friends, and other responsibilities take up your time.  Add the fact that maybe we don't see our bodies as perfect in every way, and it's no wonder we allow ourselves to neglect the sexy side that lives in all of us.  Here is part 2 of "How to Feel Sexy Instantly".

1.  Wear clothes that fit and accentuate the best parts of your body.  Stop covering up your body and start flaunting what is great about it.  Do you have great cleavage?  Wear classic v-necks or a beautiful necklace to draw attention to this area.  Do you have shapely legs?  Wear skirts and shorts to show them off.  Are your shoulders sexy?  Wear off the shoulder t's and blouses.

2.  Wear fragrance everyday.  Studies show that women who wear fragrance feel more confident, sexy, and feminine when they wear fragrance.  Get in touch with your sexy, feminine self by allowing yourself this simple, yet pretty, indulgence every day.
3.  Do something out of the ordinary.  Taking up a challenge and going for it makes you feel good about yourself and that means you will automatically feel sexier.  Go for a hot air balloon ride.  Learn scuba diving, belly dancing, or horseback riding.  Even taking your dog to agility lessons (you teach him how to jump through and over obstacles) will make you feel like you have accomplished something fun and challenging.  Think about what you have always wanted to do and go for it.  Your confident, sexier self is waiting on the other side.

4.  Take a day off.  Your sexy self is easily smothered by too much stress.  Give yourself the gift of a day without cell phones, appointments, laptops, or responsibility.  Let yourself have a peaceful time.  Cover up the clocks, allow the answering machine to answer the phone, and decompress.   Once you have liberated yourself from the pressures of the every day world, your relaxed, sexy self will quietly emerge.  

Go ahead, take the steps to feel sexy now.  You've got one sexy bombshell inside of you.  She's longing to be rediscovered.  Don't keep her waiting.

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