Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Improve Your Relationship One Step At A Time To Get Back To All-Out Sexiness

Couples in long-term relationships often take each other for granted.  Although our partners mean the world to us, sometimes we can get bogged down in the everyday pressures of life and may ignore their sexy side.  How and why this happens can be a mystery to us.  How can someone we thought to be the sexiest person walking on the face of the earth slowly turn into more of a friend than a lover?

Actually, this stage of a relationship is normal.  When two people are in a long-term relationship, living life side by side and facing the challenges it brings, they are bound to become comfortable with each other.  This level of comfort is a good thing.  The trick is to keep (or get) the sexy back.  Here's how:

Take a few moments every day to admire his body.  Today, and everyday, spend a few moments a day appreciating his physical attributes.  Does he have nice buns?  Admire them.  Give them a rub as you walk by him in the kitchen.  Give them a quick kiss as he comes out of the shower.  Are his eyes to die for?  Shower them with gentle kisses.  Spend a few moments looking into them in the morning before you get out of bed.  

Give him a massage.  Go over every inch of his body.  He won't refuse your touch.  Drizzle a seductive, gorgeous massage oil on his beautiful back, chest, manly arms, and sexy legs.  He's all yours.  Admire him.  Use soft pressure in slow circular movements and he'll melt to your every wish.  Your heart will feel the ultimate, warm connection with him as you rediscover what you have been overlooking lately. 

Spontaneously put on your favorite, sexy music in the livingroom and invite him to dance with you so you can watch his body move.  You can be guaranteed he'll be watching you too.

Does he love a good movie?  Invite him out to dinner and a show so you can snuggle with him in the dark.  Then kiss and embrace him in the theatre -- over and over again.  You'll love it.  He'll love you.

Remind yourself about his sexy personality.  Is he reliable?  Is he thoughtful of you?  Is he kind towards you?  Those attributes are sexy.  Lucky you to have sexy him.

It's easy to ignore your partner's sexy side once you become life-long friends.  But it's oh-so-fun to rediscover and indulge in it.  

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