Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to Look Good (or Thinner) in Pictures: A Holiday Guide

The holidays are fast approaching and so is holiday picture taking.  Problem is, not everyone loves being in front of the camera.  Although we may all be great looking in real life, we're not all naturally photogenic.  

In my line of work, I am often in front of the camera and I have to look my best, so I've learned a few tricks along the way to get the camera to show me at my best.  Now, I'm sharing my tips with you on how to look good in pictures. 

Look Good in Pictures Tip #1:  If you are standing while being photographed, turn on a 45 degree angle so that your body is facing slightly away from the camera.  Put most of your weight on your front foot.  This angle is the most flattering view of anyone, making you look your thinnest and most beautiful/handsome.  (Think of some of the greatest works of art:  The Mona Lisa; past Presidents and Prime Ministers; plus other great portraits are mostly painted or photographed from this angle.  It's no coincidence.)

Look Great in Pictures Tip #2:  Make sure the person that is taking the picture is a little taller or on a little higher elevation than you.  If the camera is looking upwards toward you, you will get what's known as the "Miss. Piggy Effect".  You'll look pounds heavier -- your face will appear fuller and rounder, plus your nose will appear all nostrils.  No further explanation needed.

Look Great in Photos Tip #3:  When the photographer says, "Cheese", immediately think of something or someone that makes you feel happy.  Eyes don't lie.  They reflect what you are feeling inside.  So, when the camera clicks, if you are nervous about how the picture will turn out, that's what will show in your eyes.  If you want to look happy, think happy.  You'll automatically radiate happiness from your eyes.  Want to look soft and feminine?  Think of a tender moment that really tugs at your heartstrings.

Look Good in Photos Tip #4:  Push your chin forward about an inch (no more than that).  I know.  It feels odd.  But it really works.  Try it in a mirror a couple of times to get it right and see what I mean.  It elongates your neck and makes you look thinner.  So elegant.

Look Good in Pictures Tip #5:  Just before your picture is taken, inhale deeply (and exhale ... of course ... just making sure I'm clear).  Inhaling will do two things:  you'll automatically stand taller and look leaner; plus you'll feel, and therefore appear, more relaxed.

Try these tips and let me know how they work for you.  Then e-mail me your before and after pictures.  I'd love to see.

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