Monday, November 28, 2011

Ways to Attract Women: The 6 Flirting Secrets of Hot Guys II

Ever wonder why some guys get all the dates?  They effortlessly flirt and attract girls, keeping them wanting more.  It's not only their confidence, they seem to have been born with an innate skill.  Want to know their secrets to attracting and keeping a girl interested?  Read on.

1.  Be confident in yourself.  No one wants to date a guy who doesn't like who he is as a person.  Even the best looking guys who lack self-assurance won't attract a woman.  After all, if you are hesitant about the reasons you are attractive, why would anyone be confident in her choice to be with you?  Write down 5 things that make you desirable.  (Yes, it sounds ultra-geeky, but it works and no one will know you did it.)  Next time you approach a prospective date, remember these traits.  Believe in yourself so she can too.

2.  Resist looking needy. One of the best ways to make a woman second guess her decision to go out with you is to be needy.  Calling, e-mailing, or text messaging her repeatedly when you are first dating is a definite sign that you have nothing better to do than to be her personal satellite.  We're not suggesting you play games or "hard-to-get", but do keep a realistic perspective on the new relationship.  You are just getting to know each other.  You are not long-lost soul mates (yet).  

3.  Keep focussing on your life.  Keep scheduling time with friends and family and make time for your interests.  (It goes without saying that to be an interesting guy, you have to love life and have a passion for different hobbies, sports, e.t.c..  Being well-rounded is an aphrodisiac all on its own.  Don't have any on-going passions?  Find some.  To receive passion, you have to be passionate.)  Being available all the time means you are not doing anything interesting in your life. That means you may be boring.  Fix it so you're not. 

4.  Don't be discouraged by rejection.  All guys are rejected from time to time.  Expect it.  It takes persistence to find the one for you.  Dating is a numbers game:  the more girls you ask out, the more girls will reject you.  But the same holds true for the reverse:  the more you ask, the more you will be taken up on your offer.  If you give up, you will never find that fun, sexy woman who is destined to be your best friend too.  

5.  Smile, smile, smile.  No matter what is happening, keep smiling.  If you are smiling that sends the best flirting signals.  It shows you are happy, positive, confident, and friendly -- just the type of guy any girl wants to be around.

6.  Wear a great cologne.  Yes, I am a bit biased on this point.  A great cologne shows you like and take care of yourself.  It shows a sense of style and confidence, so it makes you stand out from the crowd.  The best thing about a cologne?  It charms the stilettos off any girl, because she knows you make that extra effort to be sexy.  And what girl doesn't want sexy, confidence, and charm all wrapped up in her guy?  (And by her guy, that means you!  So go get her, good-looking!)

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