Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anti-Age Serum That Really Works. Yes, ... Really.

Want to keep those sexy eyes sexy and your pouty lips pouty?  The best way to stop your face from aging and keep it as beautiful as it is now is to wear the best anti-age serum ever:  sunscreen.
Sun protection is a must everyday.  Cloudy or not.  Summer or not.  The beach or ... .  Well, you get it.

Not All Sunscreens Protect Against Wrinkles
The sun’s rays are healthy in one way.  They help your body produce the all-important vitamin D.  We can’t live without vitamin D, so we have to get it from roughly 15 minutes of sun exposure every day.  Problem is, it’s often our face that gets this exposure.  Not the best solution because we’re bartering our need for the vitamin with the onset of wrinkles.

The solution?  Try getting your vitamin D from the pharmacy then purchase a product that has both UVB and UVA protection.

Sunshine has both UVB and UVA rays.  The UVB ones are the rays that damage the surface of the skin, causing it too burn if you get an overdose.  The UVA’s?  Those are the rays that penetrate even deeper into your skin.  These cause wrinkling, age spots.  Not a pretty picture.

What’s even more scary is that these UVA rays can penetrate glass and shade, making you vulnerable even when you’re driving or sitting under a tree.   So what SPF and sunscreen ingredients help and how do you apply them?

Choose an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30.  Fourty-five or 60 is even better.  Although the 60 SPF won’t give you double the amount of sun protection that the 30 does, it will give you a little more.  And in the case if sun damage, a little more protection is worth a lot.

Look for the following ingredients to make sure you get broad-spectrum protection:  Mexoryl SX, Avobenzone (Parsol 1789) paired with Helioplex, and Oxybenzone.

We don’t normally recommend products, letting you decide what is right for you, but sunscreen is complicated to buy and it’s too important to mess up.  Two products that have these ingredients are La Roche-Posay and Ombrelle by L’Oreal.  Check with your doctor to find out what sunscreen works best for you.

Apply enough.  What’s enough?  A lot more than what people think. One full teaspoon for your face.  One for your neck.  One for your cleavage.  And don’t forget your hands.  If anything else is exposed,  keep adding more.  (If you’re going to the beach, a shot glass should cover your body.)

(You also need to reapply it about every 3 hours, so keep a little stashed in your purse or desk drawer.  Never store it close to a heat source, or in a car’s glove compartment -- heat destroys sunscreen).

For your face, add it on before your makeup, let it dry, then finish your routine as usual.   If you wear foundation, mix your foundation in with the sunscreen and then apply.

UVA rays are constant, year round wrinkle and age spot creators.  Make sure you wear your anti-age serum when driving, rain or shine, summer or winter, ... .  Well, you get it.

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