Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Company Mascott

Say hello to our company mascott, Lion.  Actually, he's not exactly as pictured below.  This is he in his youth, merely weeks old, still too young to be parted from his mother.  He's a lot older now, but still just as cute, well ... maybe the term is handsome.

Why did we name him "Lion"?  He's as gentle and soft as an overgrown kitten, but if ever an ill-intentioned character ever bumbled into his path -- he would be as scary as ... you know ... a lion. 

Unfortunately, he doesn't share our love of fragrance.  As soon as any of us come close to him when we're wearing our fragrance pick of the day, he's headed to the far corner of the room (unless there is a door open, then he's out the door).  He'd much rather "eau de doggy smell", and we just don't have any of that in our stock room.   

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