Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fragrance Care 101

Just like fine wine or a bouquet of flowers, perfume has its own wish for some tender loving care to make it last longer.Luckily, it is easy to give perfume what it needs so it will keep you smelling gorgeous.

Keep your fragrance away from the sun. The sun’s heat and light damages the delicate oils in fragrance. Leaving it on your vanity is fine, but not if it’s by a window where the sun streams down on the bottle.

Consider keeping your fragrance in its original carton. Often a fragrance’s carton is almost as pretty as the bottle it protects. If it can help protect and extend the life of the fragrance you love just a little longer, its worth denying yourself the beauty of the bottle for a while. Once the box starts to show a little wear, toss it and enjoy the bottle.

Keeping perfume in the bathroom is o.k. only if you’re not one for long, steamy hot showers. The heat from the steam, just like the heat from the sun, damages the fragrance’s natural oils. The warmer fragrance gets, the faster it ages.

Buy fragrances that are in spray bottles. Spray bottles don’t allow air to mix with the fragrance. Exposure to air evaporates fragrance quickly and, like sunlight and heat, alters its scent. If you buy fragrance in any other form (splash or roll-on), keep the cap tightly sealed to minimize the effect of air.

Indulge in it everyday. Although your fragrance may be your most treasured item in your wardrobe, use it up. Fragrance keeps its original scent for about 6 months at room temperature. Any longer and you may notice it start to change. It will still smell good, but not as true to the scent you originally fell in love with. You’ll be wearing the “vintage” version of your favourite scent.

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