Monday, September 20, 2010

Flirt Tips for Sexy Nights

No matter how great things are with your love life, its always fun to take it up a notch.  Spicing up the usual bedtime routine with your partner will keep it fresh and interesting, not only for him, but especially for you.  Once you get the ball rolling, who knows where he will take it?

Throw self-consciousness and self-doubt out the window.  A man really doesn’t notice cellulite or those extra pounds you have been trying to loose.  When he has an opportunity to do the bedroom tango with his loved one, his eyes gravitate to what’s turning him on – and that is you.

Satin peep toe pump accented with flowers at the toe from Boutique 9. 4 1/2" heel with 1/2" platform on luxe leather sole.  Buy a pair of sexy stilettos.  Pick them just for their wow factor.  Reserve them for his eyes only, pairing them with your birthday suit.  They don’t have to be vampy.  Sexy and classic work even better.  Some ideas: peep toe pumps in red, pink, or animal print.  Don’t shop for their comfort factor.  You won’t be walking too many steps before he sweeps you off your feet to get closer to him.

If your partner says, “Your body is so beautiful” – believe him.  When a man compliments his loved one while doing the dance of intimacy, it’s usually a spontaneous observation of something that really arouses him.  Enjoy and revel in the fact that you are hot.

Feel great in pretty lingerie
Treat yourself to that pretty lingerie you always wished you had in your wardrobe.  Wear it to work, shopping, e.t.c..  When you get ready for bed, make sure he sees you undress in a slow, deliberately sexy manner.  He’ll feel flattered and enjoy the thoughtful surprise while all day you’ll be anticipating a great end to your evening.

Massage oil tempts & teases
Give your guy a sexy, intimate rub down with some massage oil … but only on the condition he’ll give you one.  He’s guaranteed to say yes.  Don’t worry too much about technique. Practically any touch feels good when it’s smoothed with oil.  Try long, slow strokes or circular motions.  Just remember to warm the oil by rubbing it in your hands first.

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