Sunday, September 19, 2010

Make Your Fragrance Flirt for You

The sense of smell is one of the world's strongest memory-makers.  Just think of the smells you know well.  Every time you smell popcorn, don't you automatically think of movies?  Hot cocoa reminds many people of cold winter nights?  What about eggnog?  Does that remind you of Christmas?

What if you could harness this memory-making power and use it to your advantage?  Wouldn't it be great if every time your guy smelled a certain scent, he would be reminded of how sexy you are or how much he missed you?

Here is a list of ideas to start you on you way to building a scent memory in your guy's mind.  Use them as inspiration for more ideas.  You will drive him wild.

He'll love smelling your perfume as he dries off after a shower.

1.  Spray a little of your fragrance 1 foot above his bathroom towel.  The scent will diffuse on the towel.  As he uses it to rub his body dry after a shower, he'll be thinking of yours.  Sexy.

2.  Play a perfume game with him.  Spray fragrance on different parts of your body.  Be creative.  Get him to find where it is.  As he gently caresses you with his nose, watch the sparks fly and the memories being created.

3.  Leave your scarf in his car.  The scent that has rubbed off on it from when you wore it will keep him thinking of you until he has a chance to give it back.

4.   Before you leave his place in the morning, scent his bedroom with your fragrance.  It will remind him again and again of the great time he had with you.

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