Thursday, September 23, 2010

How to Make Your Scent Last Longer

You have found your signature fragrance and now you can't live without it.  Only trouble is, sometimes it doesn't last as long as you would like.  Is it you or is it the fragrance?  Does the time of the year have any influence on perfume's staying power?  Is there a way to make it last longer?

sexual sugar eau de parfumThe answer to all of these questions is "yes".  

A great, high end fragrance made with real essential oils should last an average of four hours, but that can change depending on your skin type and the notes in the fragrance.  If for instance you have naturally dry skin, your perfume will not last as long.  In fact, it could dissipate in as little as two hours.

 Fresh, but not as long lasting
Likewise if you prefer light scents with citrus, and certain florals, they won't last as long as heavier scents steeped in musk, amber, or vanilla.  Both styles of fragrance are fantastic, but they have differing lifespans on the skin.

As surprising as it sounds, even the time of the year has a bearing on its staying power.  If it is hot or humid (as it often is in summer), your fragrance will keep emanating.  If it is cold and dry, it doesn't radiate as far or as much.

So, how do you make it last longer?  Moisturize.

Layer your fragrance with a body lotion or cream with the same scent as your perfume.  Don't just grab your everyday drugstore moisturizer.  As good as it may be, all moisturizers, even those marked "unscented" have their own inherent, naturally occurring scent.   None are completely odourless.   These scents will change your fragrance.

If you can't part with your moisturizer, try it under your fragrance, but let it dry first.  Letting it dry will allow your fragrance a better chance at doing its job.  If it smells o.k. to you, your moisturizer has passed the test.

Another tip:  make sure you have bought the highest concentration of fragrance.  An eau de parfum has a higher concentration than an eau de toilette.  The eau de parfum lasts longer on someone with dry skin.

Lastly, see if your fragrance comes in a travel or purse sized spray.  They are great for touch ups throughout the day.

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