Monday, September 27, 2010

Flirt Like a Pro with Your Eyes

Flirt Tip:  Practice your technique in the mirror.
When it comes to flirting, the eyes have it.  Nothing is as powerfully effective in showing you are interested.  But if you’re only using them to smile at your potential next date, you are underusing them.  Here’s how to harness their power:

1.  When you see someone you like at your next party or gathering, catch their eye and hold it for a couple of seconds.  Make sure it’s long enough that they definitely know you are interested.  Then take a glance around the room, but settle back to his eyes.  

This technique works two ways:  He will know exactly what signal you are sending, so if he is interested, he has a chance to respond; and if he’s not interested, you will know right away so you can move on to the next hottie.

2.  When you are talking to the next man of your dreams, occasionally move your eyes down towards his lips.  Let them linger. Take it one step further.  When your eyes are focussing on his lips, bring attention to yours by opening them ever so slightly and lightly caressing them with your finger.

He’ll be intrigued and flattered by the thoughts that are obviously going through your mind.  Don’t be surprised if he can’t stop smiling.

3.  Wink.  Yes, it’s true it’s a cliche, but that’s because it really works.  A smile and a wink causes an instant adrenaline rush in the receiver.  It’s easy to do and no one can mess this technique up.  It’s foolproof.  

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