Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lion's Romp with Friends

Lion is a great dog's dog.  Although he loves people with a passion, he's crazy about dogs.  "Crazy" really is the right term.  Whenever he's brought to the dog park, he trembles as he waits for his leash to be removed and the "Ok" signal that tells him it's time to play.  

Lion, 1st on left, playing with his friends.
Once he's got permission, his back legs catapult him in huge bounds to the nearest group of tumbling, rumbling playmates.  He's a little rude in dog terms, as he doesn't slow down when he approaches, being a ball of fast-flowing, long caramel and white fur, and mouth opened in a great big canine smile.  But most dogs don't mind.  They know he's just a young pup in a big dog's body.  Lion just doesn't know it he's a big dog yet.  And watching the fun he has, we're not going to tell him either.

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