Friday, October 1, 2010

Lengthen Your Legs

Everyone, even those with sex-kitten, long legs wouldn't mind visually adding a few more inches to their legs.  So how do you do it? Wear nude-colored pumps.

The nude color matches your skin tone (if you are African-American, buy pumps that match your shade of skin, of course), so it visually tricks the eye, making your legs go on and on.

Try to skip the Mary Jane style that has a strap cutting across the ankle.  This has the opposite effect and cuts length off.  Stick to styles that are open and dip low toward the toe.  A pointed or open toe is best.

I have included two examples from NineWest shoes.  I love NineWest because they are comfortable and good quality.  There are many other makes available in this color, but these will provide you with inspiration.  Happy shopping.  (P.S.  One bonus to nude shoes:  they go with everything from jeans to sequins, and every color.  How practical!
PAUL #79.00

AMPLE  $89.00

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