Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to Know She is Flirting With You (And Not Just Being Friendly)

Even in this day and age of equality, many women often want men to make the first move.  It's sexy, it's romantic, and it shows her the guy has confidence. 

This fact may explain why we have been getting more and more e-mails from our guy readers asking us to deal with this one burning question:  "How do I know she's into me?" "How do I know she's being more than just friendly?"

Although we have written about "How to Leave the Friend Zone.  Turn a Friendship Into a Romantic Relationship", some men still want to know more about the signals a woman gives when she really likes a guy (as more than just a friend).  How does a guy know for certain her moves are flirty, not merely friendly?  Get in on the secret to deciphering a woman's body language and knowing when she is definitely, undeniably flirting with you.

(Rob, Steven, Jacob, et al, this one's for you.)

1.  When she is with her friends, she breaks off from the group.  It may just be for a minute (to get herself a drink at the bar, to walk by you, or to visit the ladies' room).  She won't allow herself to be alone for long, since her friends may wonder where she is, but she will give you that flash of a chance to talk to her on her own.  When she does, recognize the opportunity she is giving you and take it.  You (and she) will be glad you did.

2.  She finds an excuse to get close to you.  A casual brush up against you as she manoeuvres past you at a crowded party, a seemingly accidental touch on your back or arm when you are both at work, are usually signs that she wants to get closer to you in a romantic way.

3.  She repeatedly makes eye contact with you.  Often guys will notice a woman is looking at them, but brush it off as incidental if the glances are short in duration.  Not smart.  A girl who looks at a guy may be too shy to hold the glance for long, so don't expect a long gaze.  If you have caught her looking your way more than twice ... take her hint.  It's a strong signal that she's interested.

There are many more flirtatious moves that women make to show a guy she is interested.  If she is only doing one, she may just be friendly and enjoy your company, personality, or looks.  But if you are getting a cluster of signs, or even getting just the one flirty signal repeated, then it's likely she wants you to say, "Hello" or flirt back.

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